#BossChicks BootCamp Goes Global with BCU ONLINE

Getting sponsorship for your event, business or film is tough, but if you are a woman.. particularly a woman of color, it’s more than tough.. it can seem downright impossible.

The #BossChicks BootCamp is the brainchild of the Hip Hop Film Festival & Harlem Film House CEO, CR Capers.  When she started out in business, she discovered that she was severely undereducated in the world of sponsorship and strategic partnerships… and what was worse there was no one around to teach her how to do it.

After a year of starts and stops, she nailed it down to a science, landing such sponsors as Netflix, Final Draft, Pinger, Ink Tip, Verizon, Metro PCS and many many more.

Now she is taking her knowledge and sharing it with other women to help grow their businesses.  The BossChicks BootCamp was originally formulated for women in film, but the model expanded as other women entrepreneurs wanted access to the same information.

The #BossChicks BootCamp, once a 2 two-day intensive workgroup for women in NYC, is now a full bodied online course to service women in every corner of the globe.  The online course allows participants to engage at their own time and pace.

The course includes short lectures, a full course library, deck templates that can be used for events AND investor pitches and CR’s personal strategies.

 Visit our online course site at Bosschicks247.com