Platforms are the oxygen of this industry. It’s so hard for us to get our voices out there. Platforms like Harlem Film House and HHFF are more valuable and necessary now than ever.
Dui Jerrod
Harlem Film House is important because of their unique celebration of culture and a genuine interest in creative works that edify the people’s history and arts.
Fidelis Ogunseri
I think that the Harlem film house and the Hip Hop Film Festival is important because it gives newcomers the opportunity to share their view on important topics in society.
Jens Schiweck
The Harlem film house and Hip Hop Film Festival is so important for the fact it provides a service and outlet for budding filmmakers and creators to hone their craft and gain information about the industry. With our current global pandemic now the Harlem film house and the Hip Hop Film Festival are valuable resources with their webinars and interviews.
Marvin Van Buren
The Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival open doors for artists on all levels welcoming everyone to their nurturing home. They give you access to all the tools to help build your craft, confidence, and audience. With the Harlem Film House and Hip Hop Film Festival I feel seen, supported, and valued. Those things you can’t put a price on.
Chanelle Angelique
Harlem Film House is important because of the platform that is given to filmmakers. From the networking side to the distribution, it is very important for every filmmaker to know who will distribute your film and that makes things easier for film funders in SA.
Xolisa Mpafa
I loved how it was set up and one of my favorite LIVE workshops was a Master cypher, Pen Game. I loved the challenge of writing on demand meditation prior to the writing exercise, I’ll be adding that to my writing preparation.
Staxx Cordero
The support was awesome and overall I learned a lot and truly felt like this was an experience that will help me take my career to the next level.
Toni Branson
The Harlem Film House and The Hip Hop Film Festival are super important because it gives us filmmakers a place to be heard. Let me add, a place to be seen.
Kuju Ashanti
“The HHFF was an amazing experience that allowed me to watch the reaction of the audience which is a feeling that never gets old. Watching people become invested in my story and also their surprise when a few of the people in the documentary was actually with me. It was always a great place to meet other filmmakers from around the world. “
Chelsea Aim